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I Have A PDF That I Need To Convert Into An Excel Sheet?

I converted a 30 page PDF into a multi-sheet Excel. Though it missed the last four pages but I bet it did better than Excel To Pdf Converter .

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

I only used it one time and copied the data. If you want to get all the data in a single column you just select them and double click, or click and drag, or you can just drag and drop by hand. You can select multiple columns at once and then duplicate them and then remove them at any point of the process, which makes copying and pasting a lot more efficient. Finally, if you want to copy one field and paste into another field at the same time, you just type the new field and then press [Alt] during the paste operation. Also, I use this for copying or re-writing a field of text in a PDF. If you have a document with a lot of fields, you can actually make the whole column move to the bottom of the list and then just copy/paste the field and.

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