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Excel is a traditionally used computer software with a lot of functions characteristics. First of all, the application is vital for analysts, accountants and economic experts, and anyone who make computations.
Technical details
Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office package. The document extensions of the format are .xls/.xlsx. The software is going to be useful for producing estimations, composing tables and graphs, calculating basic and complex functions, preparing reviews and transaction schedules, analyzing data, plus much more.
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File extension
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PDF is a widely distributed format for file sharing or submitting where others can open it. It allows you to include graphical components, as well as tables, and plain text in it. One of the primary features of the file format is that it might be opened up from any gadget.
Technical details
PDF record is a 7-bit ASCII one, without these components that could have binary content material. The structure of the format is made up of the following objects that could be both direct and indirect: boolean, titles, strings, arrays, numbers, streams and dictionaries, and null.
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How To Guide

How to convert Excel to PDF without formatting loss:

Select the needed spreadsheet and add it to the web page.
Add the specific lines that remain fillable in the Portable Document Format.
Include automated Formulas for your sheets.
Make the calculations conditional.
Use the pre-built Template fields for US and EU currency, credit cards, SSN.
Click Done to proceed to manage your new file.
Save as PDF preserving the tables and numbers.

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What Our Customers Say

The best app for converting Excel spreadsheets ever! I converted 4 sheets and got each one of them downloaded right to my smartphone.
If you want to get perfect PDF documents from an Excel spreadsheet, while at the same time preserving its layout and information, you need to try this tool. It absolutely does the job.
Sales Executive
Straight to the point. This Excel to PDF converter works great. I use it when I need to send report tables but don't want the recipient to make changes.

How to convert Excel to PDF effortlessly

Learn how to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a PDF format fast and easy in a couple of clicks, using the functionality of excel-to-pdf-converter.com

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to convert Excel to PDF using your browser

We use MS Excel format for creating tables with large arrays of text and numeric data, making calculations, and building graphics. Transforming spreadsheets into a Portable Document Format for their better viewing, storing, and sharing is a fast task with online converters. They are compatible with all browsers but keep an eye on finding a secure tool. To do this safely, use our cloud-based web service for converting Excel to PDF. It doesn't keep your sensitive data and protects it from third-party access, making the file transformation easy as a piece of cake.
Make these simple steps:
Open excel-to-pdf-converter.com in any browser.
Make changes to your sample in the editor or add an e-signature, if needed.
Click the Done button on the top toolbar.
Click Save as in the right-hand panel.
Select the storing destination and PDF Document as a file type.
Just a few clicks, and your spreadsheet is turned into a Portable Document Format. Our converter not only transforms your files quickly but also features a rich and intuitive editor. Before converting and saving the sample, you can easily replace, highlight, and blackout the text, insert comments and sticky notes, add date and checkmarks. But the greatest option is applying an e-signature to your document or sending it for signing to a list of recipients. Everything you may want to do with your PDF before saving it's all in our web tool. Try it now!

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How to convert Excel to PDF in MS Windows

It's easy to operate with Excel tables using the Windows OS, as it features a native MS Office package. But it's not that simple with Portable Document Format, which you may open for viewing in the Edge browser but cannot sign or modify in any other way. Making full use of a PDF requires employing third-party solutions, such as a desktop or online editors. However, if you only need to convert Excel to PDF for storing and sharing, not further processing, it won't require extra tools and efforts.
Find out the fastest way to do it in Windows:
Open a spreadsheet sample.
Choose the File menu from the top toolbar.
Click Save As and select the storage folder and a new file name.
Click on the File Type line and select *.pdf from a dropdown.
Save changes.
This method allows you to make an Excel file convert to PDF without employing third-party tools. But if you have a .xls spreadsheet, but no MS Office installed, our secure online converter will come in handy. It also contains a full-featured editor for any purpose. Just upload a sample, make any changes to it, and save it as a Portable Document Format. The most significant thing you can do using our tool is applying an e-signature and sending the document for signing to others. Experience it now!

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How to convert Excel to PDF on a Mac

Contrasting to Windows, the macOS devices don't have the Office package. However, you still can operate the Excel documents in the Numbers application available in the App Store. It allows you to create and modify simple tables, but opening spreadsheets with large arrays of data may cause formatting corruption. If you have Numbers installed, just open the sample and save it as .pdf the same way as in Windows, by changing the file type. Otherwise, transforming the spreadsheets using Excel to PDF online converter can come in handy.
Find these simple instructions for converting spreadsheets on Mac:
Open your sample in the Numbers application.
Go to the File menu in the top toolbar.
Select the Save As to open the pop-up box for saving details.
Choose PDF in the File Format option bar.
Click Save to complete the transformation.
Using this application, you can easily convert your spreadsheets on your Mac and proceed with managing PDFs in Preview. However, if you choose to change Excel to PDF online, try out our all-in-one web service. It contains a powerful yet simple, user-friendly editor with all the necessary features for updating your documents before saving. Redact the text with highlight, erase, or blackout functions, add images, dates, and fillable fields. Sign your form quickly and send it for signing to a list of recipients. You get everything just with one tool and only in seconds. Try it now!

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How to convert Excel to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

No need to mention that Adobe Systems were the creators of a Portable Document Format. That's why many people trust its software and use Adobe Acrobat for managing PDF files. The desktop version is as popular as the online application containing some converting and editing tools. Converting Excel to PDF is not a problem either. Though, if you don't have the subscription, bear in mind that the trial is available only for the first 7 days. Then you'll need to switch to the payable app version.
Find the quick steps below for turning Excel files into PDFs with Adobe Acrobat:
Open the online tool in a browser.
Select a file from your device with an appropriate button.
Wait until the conversion goes automatically.
Download the new document.
Using this tool, transforming spreadsheets into a Portable Document Format is safe and easy. However, its subscription may seem a bit expensive. If so, try out our secure cloud-based Excel to PDF converter as an alternative. In addition to conversion, it also provides you with many other advantages. The full-featured editor has powerful tools for adding and replacing text, drawing, inserting date, and setting fillable fields. Besides, using our service, you can easily e-sign your document just in a matter of clicks. Experience its benefits right now!

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How to quickly convert Excel to PDF?
If you are looking for a quick way to convert Excel to PDF, you can use our online tool, which allows you to instantly transform a document without the third-party software installation. It’s a secure and high-speed cloud converter. You do not need to take up space on your computer, use it in your browser.
How to convert Excel to PDF online without the software?
Today, many online conversion solutions allow you to convert Excel to PDF. One of the main advantages of this is that you save much time. You do not need to look for software that still has to be installed. Enter excel-to-pdf-converter.com and quickly transform your document on the internet.
How to convert Excel to PDF without losing formatting?
It would be best if you a reliable tool for quick and convenient Excel to PDF conversion. Excel-to-pdf-converter.com is the right solution to help you. We are continually improving and updating the functions, so our online service allows you to instantly transform your documents while maintaining quality and formatting.
What is the best way to convert Excel to PDF?
Use online document converters for fast and secure Excel to PDF conversion. Open excel-to-pdf-converter.com in your browser. Choosing our online tool, you can transform your spreadsheet safely and receive professional-looking tables in seconds, with all numbers and important information preserved.
How to convert Excel to PDF automatically on Mac?
We offer you a convenient solution to convert Excel to PDF in simple clicks for your macOS. Open our website in your preferred browser. Our service automatically optimizes and can guarantee full workflow support. This means that you no longer have to worry about the quality of your document.
Is it safe to convert Excel to PDF online?
In general, converting Excel to PDF online is safe. Many websites can help you transform file formats for free. Use our professional service that people trust. We guarantee the security and integrity of your document. Once the file is changed, you may continue to edit it, sign electronically or share.
How to convert Excel to PDF on a mobile?
Using our web-based platform to convert Excel to PDF is equally convenient both on a mobile and on a computer device. This is a comfortable, professional converter that runs in a browser and is accessible from any place via the internet. Also, you can use a free trial and it’s easy to use on the go.
How to convert Excel to PDF without registration?
There are many webs you can find on Google that enable you to convert Excel to PDF. Some of them don’t require payment, registration, or email. You may concern about data security. Using our online service, you need to create an account, and it‘s a significant advantage. Your documents will be protected, always have a professional look and accurate format.
How to convert Excel to PDF on a laptop?
It’s most comfortable to use an online converter than an offline one. Our platform is a better choice as we offer a comprehensive solution to this problem. You can convert Excel to PDF using excel-to-pdf-converter.com. It’s fully compatible with all internet-connected smartphones, tablets, and laptops.