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How Do I Export?

If you want to send or save chat data from a particular chat, then you can email the chat history. Just open the chat of the person that you want to save, then go to the settings on top, click on more, then click on ‘email chat’. This will basically let you save or send your chat history and data with a particular person. Hope it helped!

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

First Download a third party application on your computer, then open the application with the Windows app and click on File > Export As. You will be prompted to select files to save. Select WhatsApp Messages from the list and click on Next. Now click on Next and select the following file(s) you would like to send to the PDF. If you do not want to save all the WhatsApp messages and photos in the PDF file, click on Save Selected Files Below. Click Export. Now you can click on Next to continue the process. This is how it looks like on your computer. Please use a third party to save this information. For example, Google Docs (or anything else you would like). The process mentioned above Monaco automatically export all messages or images to a PDF file. Please remember that only the latest messages will be exported. This feature doesn’í convert or export.

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