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How Do I Convert A PDF To Excel Without Excel To PDF Converter?

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How Do I Convert A PDF To Excel Without Excel To PDF Converter?

By definition, you can’t convert without a converter. Word’s native format is largely binary, and totally-different from PDF. In order to import your document from PDF, or change an existing disk file to Word format from PDF, a converter is necessary. There are freeware converters out there for download. Some of them OCR your PDF to a format readable by Word, others do a byte-by-byte conversion. Failing that, IF the text in your PDF is stored as text and not a graphic image, you can just highlight the PDF text and paste directly into Word. You will have some cleanup to do; page numbers will be included in the copied text and will come into your Word layout as separate paragraphs in the text stream. You also might have to remove “hard returns” at the end of every line, which you can do with Search-and-Replace. If the PDF text can’t be selected with the mouse, you’ll have to find a way to OCR it.

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

The simplest way is in the context of image-capture: select a photo and copy and paste the image from Word to the PDF with CTRL-C. If the image was captured in an Adobe Camera RAW or DOG file, you may also want to use a third-party camera OCR program, like phrase. To do this you must convert the file to a DOG format, but you need to do a bit of work using the Camera Raw tool, or you will end up in a file with the same name as the camera RAW version—which is no good for scanning and editing. As stated above, a PDF file is a little different from a plain text file, so keep that in mind when trying to OCR anything. Some people choose to do this in the context of video-capture, and OCR the text from a video to PDF. Unfortunately, a number.

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