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How Can The Marathi PDF Data Convert To English Excel?

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How Can The Marathi PDF Data Convert To English Excel?

Well As far as my knowledge is concern PHP does not provide language translation. to translate you have to use third party language translation API such as google translate.

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

Also, PDFs from publishers or other websites, are usually not searchable; so you have no other option but to copy, paste or type out whole PDF into a new document or Word file etc. Note. The way to download or even use any type of PDF to Word converter is not limited. You can download any PDF into Word without any additional software, just copy/paste the whole PDF into any text editor like notepad or Emacs and see what happens. I just wanted to give one example, which is using the freeware “Cocoon PDF Reader” from Sourceforge for instance. How to Convert PDF to Word Using Free Windows Programs — Windows Compatibility Guide (Click on Picture to Enlarge it) Note: Download the free PDF to Word from this link, and you can find out how to use this program. Download the .zip with your PDF and save both the .exe file and the .MSI file.

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