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How Can One Convert Scanned PDF Document To Excel?

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How Can One Convert Scanned PDF Document To Excel?

There’s no easy way I know of but having had to do that with a PDF report of lots of data (12 Pages), I had to select all tabular data on each page, copy it and paste into a text file. I then removed all commas before doing a find and replace on spaces and replacing them with commas. Finally I saved the file as a csv file and imported it into my spreadsheet. Even after all of that I spent a fair amount time aligning the data into proper columns. The previous assumes that PDF is text-based. If it’s image-based you need to OCR it first before doing what wrote. Then is it essential to carefully proofread everything to make sure the OCR didn’t screw up some numbers.

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

The same must hold true for the OCR data. Even with a very competent OCR program like Microsoft Office to OCR data it is very hard to determine if the OCR did exactly what was claimed or if some OCR Diana?’t do everything we promised it to do. Also, the only source that I can locate that claims the OCR accuracy and accuracy of the OCR in a PDF document is a forum comment thread on Microsoft website and the forum post by the software?’s developer. To the best of my knowledge this thread and the forum post never mentions if OCR works for text or not. So basically, when you buy an OCR software you are really paying at best for the data conversion and proofreading. This can be a very lucrative business, but you are really looking at 10-15 dollars per page for the conversion. The other.

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