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How Can I Convert PDF To Excel Offline?

There’s no easy way I know of but having had to do that with a PDF report of lots of data (12 Pages), I had to select all tabular data on each page, copy it and paste into a text file. I then removed all commas before doing a find and replace on spaces and replacing them with commas. Finally I saved the file as a csv file and imported it into my spreadsheet. Even after all of that I spent a fair amount time aligning the data into proper columns. The previous assumes that PDF is text-based. If it’s image-based you need to OCR it first before doing what wrote. Then is it essential to carefully proofread everything to make sure the OCR didn’t screw up some numbers.

Convert Excel to PDF: All You Need to Know

It's a very robust PDF to Excel converter. The main purpose is to make it dead simple to convert PDF files back to the original Word/Excel documents. However, like all our products, it comes with a free update that enables you to convert to PDF files in Microsoft's Office Suite as well as in LibreOffice. The current version of Nitro PDF Pro for Excel 2013 is also available as a free download from our online shop. Nitro PDF Pro also comes with a fully featured free online learning resource with over 1,800 video tutorials to help you convert your PDF file to Excel. You can download the free trial version now. For those of you on a budget, there's also the option of paying for a Nitro PDF Professional account (which also gives you free updates and new features), which is included in the sales price. You can also get the Nitro Pro.

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