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How To Insert Picture In Excel Cell Fit: What You Should Know

Insert into the cell. Right-click on the picture and choose resize the cell according to the  Picture size according Excel. If you click on one of the pictures on the list, it will enlarge according to the pictures, and you can resize the cell to fit the picture. Click on the Insert tab, where the pictures are named: 1 — Picture, 2 — picture, etc.  Select pictures Click on 'Insert Pictures' then select the pictures that you want to insert into the cell. When I right-click on a picture and chose resize the cell according to the picture, it doesn't  fit into the selected cell. Why? Why when I right-click on a picture and chose resize the cell according to the picture, the picture  doesn't fit into the selected cell?? I think that I have an error somewhere. Thank You! There is one option that works on most machines to automatically resize a cell to fit a  picture in the cell, I have a list of all the pictures (and their size, so I can resize  them) but I want to know if there is an option to resize a picture (picture_type_1, picture_type_2) for  example, for picture_type_3? It looks like I need to change the size of type 3. For picture_type_4 it  looks like I need to rename (move) the picture. Right click on picture. When you click resize the cell according to the picture, it will look like the picture is bigger. I like the picture to be the same size as the  cell. You will need to resize cell if you resize the picture. What do I need to resize a picture? How do I resize a cell? When you are done inserting pictures, click on the 'X' next to the size of the picture. It will turn  green/yellow. (If you didn't know how to use the arrow keys, get a copy of this video) When you are finished inserting pictures, you are  back to where you were, and you are back to work where you started. (It usually took about 10 mins for me to insert a picture. But sometimes, the  picture doesn't fit into an existing cell, so you have to move the picture around until the  picture fits.

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