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Office 365 PDF Merge: What You Should Know

Open PDF Documents ‹ button on its toolbar. If you are unable to combine files on your Windows or Mac computer, please contact the support team directly. What's New on June 20, 2018, Feb 04, 2023 — Merging and merging PDF documents was added to the app. In this update you can merge and merge PDF by using the toolbar button and dragging-and-dropping files and pages. If you need to load PDF files in PDF editor, Open the PDF file and choose the option To merge files to merge with the current file Feb 04, 2023 – We have added support to search, filter and sort PDF files, we have improved the usability with the addition of a new “merger” option, and we have added a quick preview in file list. Dec 7, 2023 — The program has changed for merging PDF files. Now it's not only about merging but also about merging and merging PDF documents to merge them using the merge buttons, and sorting them by file type and size. Oct 30, 2023 – We have added the ability to search PDF files to find the document you are looking for.

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