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Excel Macro Save As PDF Filename From Cell: What You Should Know

E. Not active document) to a folder Sep 25, 2024 — Hi, I recently wrote a macro to save a sheet to a new directory Apr 20, 2024 — I just want to save all the cells in an active cell list or the first 2, which I have a range of 4 cells Sep 19, 2024 — I need to save a file for Excel using a variable Nov 3, 2024 — I want to save a .xls file so that I can open it in Excel and save it to a local directory May 20, 2024 — I just need to save a document with a unique filenames based on cell values for future  examinations Mar 29, 2024 — For some reason it looks like Excel is saying the file has been written with the following error: Mar 29, 2024 — The code won't work for me. You have to put the cell into a list at the bottom and to set some settings and then save the document. It keeps repeating itself:  Mar 31, 2024 — I am not happy with my file naming procedure for my Excel documents. I was wondering if I could create a macro to create a file with an ID number, which Excel would then find by its lookup method. It would then open it.  And there goes my day. What do you want, to make a list from all the cells in a range of cells, which have a different value for each column? Sep 2, 2024 — I have a collection of Excel files that I want to transfer to another computer and to create one file named .docx, in that location. I need to know how to do this, and also I had a question why does this macro make a lot of noise? How would you convert Excel to the .docx format? Feb 7, 2024 — I want to convert an Excel .xlsx file to .docx when the file name starts with or is the word “.xlsx”, so I can open any of the files in Excel and see that they can all be opened using the “open with” and “DOCX file” features.

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