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Excel Vba Save Multiple Sheets As New Workbook: What You Should Know

When you create a new workbook, you only need the sheet name. That's all it takes. The file format in VBA will copy the entire workbook, and it contains all the information for each sheet.  Note: You have to be at least Excel 2024 or higher. Here is the example: Step 3: Press Shift+Ctrl+A to select all the sheets you want to copy from this workbook. Step 4: Press Ctrl+C to copy each sheet to another workbook. Press Ctrl+N to cancel the previous operation and save the worksheet to a new file. Copy Multiple Sheets to a New Workbook in VBA Note: The copy operation only works if the sheet names match. If the names are different, the following is not possible: Paste multiple worksheets into a new workbook. Copy multiple sheets in a new workbook to another. Step 5: Press “Shift+Ctrl’M” or copy and paste the name of your new workbook to the destination workbook. Important Note: You can also create a new workbook on your computer and save all the worksheets of each workbook into that new workbook. Then you can copy the new workbook to another computer and copy the cells from the worksheet into the same workbook.  For example if you have 6 workbooks and your working area is 16 workbooks, you can create another working area of 16 worksheets (worksheet 1 and worksheet 2). Then paste all your workbooks to the destination workbook (worksheet 1, worksheet 2 and worksheet 3). Once you copy the cells from worksheet 2 to worksheet 3 in the new workbook, VBA Copy will copy all the cells to the new workbook. That is, VBA Copy will copy the entire worksheet from worksheet 2 to the new workbook. Here are several videos to help you copy multiple worksheets and create a new workbook: Sheet5.htm — VBA to Excel Sheet6.htm — VBA to Excel Sheet7.htm — VBA to Excel Sheet8.htm — VBA to Excel Sheet9.htm — VBA to Excel Sheet10.htm — VBA to Excel This video illustrates the steps of VBA to Excel: Also Note — You can use the new Workbook function, worksheet function to make your work with a new workbook.

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