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Xlsx Reader: What You Should Know

This app is one of my favorite way to read Excel spreadsheets. It's free, fast and works in all devices. We offer you this amazing Excel Viewer app. It comes with amazing features such as: 1. Free and simple installation with full features 2. Open and view Excel files online 3. Load and save large files (Excel 2024 & earlier) 4. Quickly save data 5. View multiple worksheets at once with Multi-Sheet Support. 6. View any columns, objects (columns, columns with data, ranges, ranges within column) 7. Preview your work without opening the file 8. View a copy of the Excel document on desktop 9. Add worksheets for quick navigation and collaboration 10. Quickly share your worksheet and other documents with you friends. 11. Support Microsoft Office 2024 & Excel 2024 Spreadsheets (Office 2007, Excel 2 only) 12. Auto-detect & run in background to save your battery and cpu-power 14. Optimize/downgrade to any platform using the built-in linker 17. Support Microsoft Office 2007, 2024 & pro Spreadsheets (Office 2007, Excel 2 only) 20. Open and export your Excel spreadsheet files for Google Docs or other app. 25. Export your Excel spreadsheets for PDF documents with no formatting. 26. Save a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet as an image using Print & PDF Function 27. Save the Excel document as image using Print & PDF function 30. Preview Excel spreadsheets without opening them 31. Quickly save Excel Workbooks and worksheets in other formats 32. View a copy of the Excel worksheet on a mobile phone or computer and save it to the folder. 33. Save Excel worksheets and workbooks to One Drive 34. Share the Excel worksheet and other Excel documents with other Windows users at the same time via File Sharing 35. Convert file formats (Excel 2007, 2013, 2011, 2007/2016 only) 36. Backup and restore your Excel file 37. View and manage the file as a folder 38. Add or remove tabs 39. Edit and format any column, object (Column, Range, Range within Column, column with data, Range within Range), Cells, range of cells. 40. Change the column labels and cells in the workbook. 41. Insert and update worksheet range 42. Sort cells in a series for sorting in the Excel spreadsheet 43. Manually sort and rename cells in a column or sheet 44.

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