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Excel Vba Print Multiple Sheets To PDF: What You Should Know

It can be used for multiple sheets or to add one sheet to several, depending on the needs and your preference. How to Export Multiple Worksheets to a Single PDF 1/ Step 1: First, save as separate .xlsx and .pdf files with different name (for example, workbook1.xlsx and workbook2.pdf) Step 2: Now you need to save the two files as one, i.e. sheet1.xlsx+sheet2.pdf. Just select the second sheet and click on “Save As” or “Select File” button. 2. When save, click “Verify.” 3. After successful upload, the two .xlsx and .pdf files can be merged, and you will see the file as one with two sheets! 3.  4. Here is how to save multiple worksheets as one PDF file To enable merging, select each of the two sheets (and their sheets, sheet1.xlsx and sheet2.pdf) and press the “Merge” button: After saving is completed, you can merge sheets again from the “Merge” menu. Now the combined file can be transferred to the device, and you will see that it is a single sheet file only! How to merge multiple worksheets by using VBA 1/ Step 1 : First, save workbook1.xlsx and workbook2.xlsx as separate .xlsx & .pdf files with different name. 2/ Step 2 : Now you need to run the same thing as above, but select only sheet2.xlsx only. 3/ Step 3 : If everything is ok, please press “Merge” button. 4/ Step 4 : It should merge all sheet .xlsx and all .pdf to new .xlsx file. Please check the screenshot to know. 5.  You can test the merge process by opening “Merge” file inside the workbook. The merged file can be transferred without problems with the help of VBA! Now you can easily work with multiple worksheets in one document.

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