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How To Copy Picture From Excel To Folder Vba: What You Should Know

Using this method,  The following steps are required: — You need to open your Excel file. — You need to open the folder you want to save it to (for example “c:\temp\picture”) — You need to copy the image from the folder to the destination. — Open Excel. — Make a note of the folder where you copied the image. — Close Excel. — Open the image in the Image>Save As dialog box — Paste the image to the destination folder. Dec 09, 2024 — Use this simple method to copy and paste an image to a folder: 1. Open the image in a new worksheet 2. Copy it 3. Open Excel. 4. Click File>Spreadsheet and then Save As...>OK on the popup menu 5. Now you can paste the picture of the picture in your folder. Steps to save photo on a computer 6. Go to the folder where you want to save the file 7. Go to Excel>File>Save As and click Save button 8. Choose Save as type “PNG” 9. Give your file a name 10. Click OK. 10. Click Save. 11. Press OK button on popup. 12. Click Image>Save picture on the popup menu. 13. You are given a new dialog where you have to choose a type, name and other options. 14. In the Save As dialog box type “PNG” as type, click Next. 15. Press OK button on popup. 16. Click Save button. 17. Now you have the picture. 18. Close the image. 19. In your PowerPoint file, go to File>Paste and put the image to the end the document. 20. Now go to File>Save As. 21. Click Next. 22. Select the type of your file and the folder you want to save the file in (The default location for this file is “c:\program files\my software\photoshop\Picture_Copy”, see screenshot). 23. Type a name for the file, choose a name you like better, under “Save as type, please choose a location for the file”, select “PNG” under Save As type option then click OK. 24. Save the file. Tips, Tricks and other things You know, sometimes you just need to do some extra steps which are not in the above methods, these are called Tricks and Other Things.

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