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Convert Excel To PDF With Formulas
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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Convert Excel files to PDF without losing formatting. Click Select A File and drag and drop your Excel sheet, or select the file and upload. Watch as Excel To Pdf Converter online services convert your Excel sheet to PDF automatically. Download the converted file as a PDF.
Click the Select a file button above or drag and drop a file into the drop zone. Select the file you want to convert from XLS or XLSX to PDF format. After uploading the Excel sheet, Excel To Pdf Converter automatically converts it to the PDF file format. Download your converted PDF or sign in to share it.
To show formulas in all cells press CTRL+` (that little mark is the grave accent mark key). When the formulas are visible, print your worksheet as you normally would.
Open your Excel file. Click File and then Print. On the next window, choose PDF, Save as PDF. Adjust the formatting if needed, and click Print.
Aside from making clean printable documents, files made with Excel To Pdf Converter Pro can contain formulas that automatically compute your inputs. Here's how to make simple calculations in a PDF file.
4 Easy Methods to Save Excel as PDF without Cutting Off Adjusting Page Size to Save Excel as PDF without Cutting Off Save Excel as PDF without Cutting Off by Changing Orientation Using 'Fit Sheet on One Page' Option Scaling Page to Save Excel as PDF without Cutting Off.
Excel Formulas List SUM. COUNT. COUNTA. COUNTBLANK. AVERAGE. MIN Excel. MAX Excel. LEN Excel.
Show Formulas option on the Excel ribbon In your Excel worksheet, go to the Formulas tab > Formula Auditing group and click the Show Formulas button. Microsoft Excel displays formulas in cells instead of their results right away. To get the calculated values back, click the Show Formulas button again to toggle it off.
If you don't want the formulas hidden when the sheet is protected in the future, right-click the cells, and click Format Cells. On the Protection tab, clear the Hidden check box. Click on Formulas and then click on Show Formulas to switch between displaying formulas and results.
How to Convert Excel Formulas to PDF Load the Excel worksheet containing the formulas you want to save in PDF format Hit "Ctrl" + "~" to display the formulas in each cell (as opposed to the results of the formulas). Go to "File" then "Save As." Enter a filename and choose "Portable Document Format *.