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Rdf To Graphml: What You Should Know

GraphMLWriter. Writing. GraphMLWriter. Creating. Write an RDF graph of your choosing with .NET, and use System. Object. GetType() to convert it to Graph ML. You can also write any other object through this class from Java. In this example we write a graph of the UK's Ministry of Health, and serialize it in Graph ML. Import Puget. Namespace graphmlwriter = graphmlwriter. . Namespace : VS. RDF. Writing. Namespace. System. Object VS. RDF. Publishing. Write. Classes. Graph ; using System ; using System. Collections. Generic ; using System. Collections. Concurrent ; using System. Diagnostics ; using System. Line ; // graph all // graph ml Writer // Serialize a graph of grapheme library with .NET // Serialize a graph of grapheme library with .NET using Puget. GraphMllWriter. Writer. Naming : VS. RDF. Publishing. Name. Forenames ; using System. IO ; using Net. GraphMllWriter. Writer. Naming ; namespace graphmlwriter. Writer {/// This class extends the Graphite class to allow you to write a graph by /// using the Graph ML format. It serializes a Graph ML graph to .NET for /// use with Disposable or System; (see the class definition below for /// more information). Private class GraphMLWriter : GraphMLWriter, Writer {protected virtual void Serialize (System. Serializable graph ml) {// graph ml is required because it stores all the names // of nodes. Int [] names = {“name”, “value”, “NID”}; // Write the graph. // The object that implements the GraphMLWriter class does not // do anything. // Create this graph ml and write with .NET. Using (var node = graphmlwriter. Writer. Create < GraphMLWriter >()) { // Write a node with a name, name, and ID. node. Name = “Name”, node. Name. Value = “name”, name = node. ID ; // Name is required to write the graph. // This is because we may get a name (for which there // is a value) or an ID, and you need to know how to // convert it to a graph. String name = node. Name. Value ; // ID must be specified for each node. String id = node.

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