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Rdf To Graph: What You Should Know

More useful for non-technical users. Online — Linked Data Finland. RTFX Graphs is a graphical tool developed by c2o4 in order to visualize RTFM files. This tool has support for the W3C W3F RDF 1.0 specification. I suggest trying it out. RTFM Graphs (v1.5+) allows visualizing RTF files as graphs. There are three different types of graphs; a W3C graph, an RDF graph and a Turtle or JSON-LD graph. More on RTFM Graphs. RTF-Graph Toolkit RTF-Graph-Toolkit is a data visualization, graphing, and processing framework that runs on the browser. It offers a complete set of features to display RTF graph documents: data extraction, data visualization, processing, text processing, and data analytics. More on its homepage.

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