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Convert Excel To PDF Without Margins: What You Should Know

To make things easier, try doing this using Microsoft Office Online or Google Drive. Once you've finished, export the file to PDF, and you're done. If you want to avoid editing your spreadsheet's file name, you'll have to use your spreadsheet document extension. For example, to convert this sheet: Then use the free conversion, or you can just keep reading! 1 Answer to 1 · Make sure the printer is showing page margins, and try  Converting the worksheet to a PDF file without losing the layout, formatting, etc. If you find the spreadsheet has to be resized for printing, try  In a browser and see if it works on your computer. If your spreadsheet does not display correctly, make sure your printer's page-spacing setting is set to auto. In Firefox, enter about:config into the address bar, and click on the button marked “I'm a developer” You have your PDF viewer set to auto page size, not page layout. Check that your printer's page offset setting is set to 100%. Turn on the page-spacing setting and go to File > Print Settings. Enter pages-per-inch into the first field (in the current version, page layout, it's page size by default), press OK, then save the file. Then you need to click on the Save as button, and in the Save and name area, make sure to save it under a new name (for example, your print sheet has a different name under this process than an Excel workbook). This is how your file should look like: If your spreadsheet has a different name when you save and name it, you need to add it to the list of files to be named by the print-to-PDF system. When you start printing, make sure to make sure the print-to-PDF toolbar is showing, and that you're in the Creation a new PDF dialog (Ctrl+1). This is how your document will look like: 2 Answer 2 1 · Click on the toolbar menu to change the print settings and make sure the checkboxes are not all checked. This may happen automatically, but you can turn it off by pressing the Ctrl+E (command+e) key.

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