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Excel Save As PDF Wrong Page Size: What You Should Know

I have the sheets printing the way I want it printed by using the following settings: Pages Layout for the sheets that is printing, I like this layout is the same as the sheet that is getting printed. Pages Layout for the sheet that is printing the way it should be — I found the result was different, and it did not print the way it should be. You can find the page setup for both sheets under Pages Layout > Page Setup for both sheets Apr 30, 2023 — Here is an Excel Sheet  I have a sheet at the Office 2023 Work Area that it is printing the way it supposed to. I have found the difference between the setup on this page and the page setup on the other page has changed. If I click on the page setup then I get the following message When you change the page layout on one sheet it may change the layout on sheet 2. Here is a screenshot of the page setup. You can see in the screenshot it has different settings for the bottom. To me, it seems to match the other sheet in the Excel document Solved Fix : There should be a setting for the top in the Excel sheet that I have printed the way it is. It is printing the way it should with the following settings: Pages layout for the sheet I have printing the way it should be Page layout for sheet 2-Page layout for sheet 3 Incorrect page size when printing PDF with Outlook 2007 If I look at page Setup for the sheets that are printing on the page 1 that is the way it should be printed when you are sending the document to email, I am able to choose to change the page layout on the first sheet with my options in the Microsoft Outlook 2007. However, when I open the document on a second sheet it is still printing the way it should. Solved: If the page setup of a specific sheet for printing the way it should be on page 1 is the same as the page setup for page 2, you will get the error message “the format of the file will not match”, Solution 1: I can change the page setup of the first sheet that is printing the way it should be on page 1.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing excel save as pdf wrong page size


What are good tips for making a pitchdeck?
You can start by reading two good resources I like 1. Guy Kawasaki timeless rule of 13233 s ; and 2. The ge from Sequoia Capital s 3 note the declining curve of investor attention. My personal tips Understand your audience . Investors see hundreds of pitches every year. Don't bore them and try to see things from their perspective. Tell them what is exciting to you so they know of your enthusiasm but also think of what would matter to them. Never start with a video . Investors want to learn about your business but also 3 and sometimes more - to learn about you as a person. By starting your presentation with a video you are losing touch with your audience. In a way you start by saying I don know how to present so I made this video. Know your details and numbers . Slides are superficial. Good investors like to go deep and ask questions that you may not be prepared for. Demonstrating domain expertise and knowing details is important. Slide titles . Don use boring titles like The Market or The Team. Let the title introduce the contents of the slide. Let take the team slide as an example. If you are a bunch of leading scientists from Stanford use Lead by Stanford Scientists as a title. If you are a group of young and inexperienced individuals use Young and energetic co-founders as a title. ordered-list
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