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Sap Crystal Reports Viewer: What You Should Know


Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sap crystal reports viewer


What are the open source ETL tools (as report viewer not as report server) that supports Visual Studio environment and .NET Core applications?
SAP VS CRYSTAL REPORTS are mostly used this days.. their are any ETL tools in market. choice depends on you as perpatibility.
How do you open an Rpt file?
A file with .rtp extension is a kind of report file. In this article Today Tech teaches you how to open Rpt file on windows and Mac using the free SAP crystal report viewer . Click here for more details.. How to Open Rpt file on Windows and Mac - Today's Tech s
What is Crystal Report Viewer?
Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application marketed to small and medium businesses by SAP SE.
What is your review of Star Trek: Discovery?
I never thought I would see a Star Trek worse than into Darkness italic spoiler alert The plot and flow The pilot crammed in too much. I never even learned the names of any of the characters watching it once except the first officer whose first name is Michael but I don know her last name. That has never happened to me with Star Trek before and the first episode seemed to have only 3 main characters. The characters rarely addressed each other by name and did not do it enough for me to remember their names. They also never talked about each other as there were only (seemingly) three italic main characters on the bridge who had any substantial dialogue the first officer the weird alien science officer ordered-list Other Star Trek series had at least six or seven main characters and there were enough of them to have discussions about other crew members so you found out stuff that way rather than through 5 flashbacks. The captain and first officer would talk about the crew and the first officer and the crew would talk about the captain and the crew would talk about each other and it all worked out. The plot was more convoluted than DS9 or Voyager ending. We have only con from other Star Trek series and yet they crammed all of this into one episode The first human to study on Vulcan is the first officer. She has about 5 flashbacks to Vulcan interspersed with the plot. Her parents were killed by Klingons; also in flashbacks. They find a Klingon tombship in a belt of radiation and can only get close enough to examine it in a space suit. She gets to the tombship and kills a Klingon while suffering from radiation poisoning in a moment of badassery. Then she drifts in space as her condition deteriorates and is rescued. There is a Klingon messiah the only character whose name I remember TKuvma (the most un-Klingon name ever) who is uniting the 24 houses also he has his own numerous flashbacks. The Klingon Empire is in disarray and has been for a century. The Klingon tombship is a beacon which they light and a Klingon fleetes. The captain seems to have this Janeway-Seven of Nine relationship with her first officer. She talks about trying to remove the Vulcan shell around her humanity. The Vulcans had a strategy in the past where they simply shot first on any Klingon ships they came across. The first officer decides to mutiny to order the ship to fire first and knocks out her captain. The captain recovers from her Vulcan pinch mid-mutiny and interrupts the mutiny. Starfleet arrives amidst the Klingon fleet and says wee in peace and the Klingons open fire. The admiral ship gets cut in half by the big Klingon ship and the admiral self-destructs taking out lots of Klingons with him. Everyone is adrift in space. The captain and the science officer devise a plan to beam torpedoes onto the Klingon ship. The first officer escapes the brig with the help of the AI and goes to the bridge. She joins in on the plan and they beam a torpedo onto the Klingon ship with a plan to capture TKuvma. The captain and first officer beam aboard with no one else against an entire crew of Klingons guns blazing. The captain gets stabbed and dies and the first officer fires on TKuvma with a phaser on kill killing him. Afterwards she is beamed off forcibly by the science officer who claims he cannot get a lock on the captain because she has no life readings. TKuvma is made a martyr and the Klingons mourn his passing. She stands trial and is sentenced to life in prison somehow even though the original Federation only had rehabilitative prison or else prison to keep a dangerous person from society. That episode did way too much only had 3 main characters and seemed to really be nothing but the backstory for one character. Star Trek has never focused on just one character before and I don like it. The dialogue The Klingon sounded like babbling with very un-language-like intonation. Later in the movie it sounded similar. They spoke Klingon at a rate of about 2 syllables per second mind-numbingly slow. The banter on the planet in the beginning was fine but by 1 minutes in the dialogue was junk. Every line where the Captain asks what do you think? sounds so unnatural and the jokes were just not funny. The way the science officer literallypushed the first officer out of the way from a console while talking 11 minutes in was so over the top it was not really believable. Could I imagine a villain not in Starfleet doing that? Yeah. But a mid-ranking science officer? No. All of them hadpletely uninterested expressions and the dialogue just sounded like it was memorised. I have never seen anything like this in Star Trek. Even the worst corniest episodes of the Original Series italic were corny because they had borderline-theatrical acting. In DS9 especially it the theatrics would got over the top. Ugh the dialogue If you are afraid of everything you learn nothing in response to someone saying the radiation will kill you! Ugh! George Lucas coulde up with better dialogue than this! When the first officer killed the Klingon while having minutes left to live from radiation poisoning it was too badass to be believable. After breaking out of sickbay she went on the bridge saying there were Klingons out there and no one believed her. It took the captain about 2 seconds to be convinced. None of this was believable for me. The captain sent an encoded message saying We have engaged the Klingons in an utterly boring monotone voice. There were so many ways to make that better. The Vulcan dialogue in flashbacks just never sounded right. It much too pointed and not very sarcastic or arrogant. Even the JJ Abrams stuff could get that right about Vulcans. The Vulcans saying positive things like I know you can do better are so outrageously un-Vulcan that I found it genuinely annoying. The Character interactions The captain and first officer had apletely unprofessional relationship. While that did also happen in Voyager at least Janeway and Chakotay kept it official while on duty. The captain literally said stuff like Ive taught you better to her first officer as if she were a child she was teaching rather than both Starfleet officers. She only addresses her first officer by her first name Michael. At the end of the first episode the first officer performed a Vulcan pinch on her captain to knock her out andmit a mutiny. I could tell that they were trying to make this a repeat of the first Star Trek italic (29) move where Kirk defied orders and saved everyone. This thought was done so poorly that it looked like a mutiny. In the middle of a firefight an injured officer went down the brig had a why are we fighting dialogue with the imprisoned first officer asking why they were fighting saying he joined Starfleet and all of this other hippy-sounding stuff before subsequently being blown into space. This harkens back to the Abrams-verse where Starfleet officers do not identify as military (unlike in everything before the Abrams-verse). Striking insensitivity When they were briefing the admiral on encountering the Klingons he told the black first officer that he was surprised that she thought Klingons would act based on their race given her racial background. This just sounded very insensitive to me. While I don think they attempted to sound racist it looked that way when a Starfleet admiralpared different species to well her. It was strange and stuck out to me. Clashes with the Star Trek Universe The Klingons all had Zulu-sounding accents. There is no reason language-internal reason for a Klingon accent to sound African other than the new design for Klingons makes most of them black. The Klingons seemed obsessed with bodies and mummification. In Star Trek Klingons did not care about bodies. They had only one ritual after death which was a yell to the heavens after peeling back the dead Klingon eyes. TKuvma goes out of his way to drag all of the Klingon bodies out of space and mummify them. The Klingons all look wrong. They have no hair the males have no beards oblong heads and pointed ears. As I have said in previous episodes the pointed ears especially clashes with canon (in TNG Worf recognised a half Klingon woman as being half Klingon because she had pointed ears due to being part Romulan). The science officer failed to beam out the captain because she had no life readings. This makes no sense as transporters can lock onto dead bodies inanimate objects rocks and earlier in the episode locked onto a torpedo and beamed it into a Klingon dead body. Starfleet trials are in shadowy dark rooms with no jury. Actually the in-universe clashes were not as bad as the Abrams movies but I suppose this is only the pilot I have seen and we didn't see anything of Earth Vulcan or any Federation planet. What I liked The Klingon motivations were very in-universe andpelling; really based on stuff we saw in the Undiscovered Country italic . The Klingons see all of these aliens assimilating to Human+Vulcan culture and don like it one bit. They want to be distinct and have this somewhat believe ideology of kill-them-all-or-we-lose-our-culture. And that that was it. That was all I liked. I didn like any of the actors for any of the main characters nor did I like the limited number of characters the dialogue the plot the horrible designs for Klingons the hot-headed human first officer who was raised by Vulcans. None of it. All in all The worst pilot I have ever seen for Star Trek. It was not even a pilot really. It felt like a prequel italic to a series that I haven even seen. Edit I wrote this answer the day it came out. The rest of the first season is a bit better and the second season has been better too. Some episodes are really junky but the story arcs aren too bad. The twists though and contrived nonsense making Michael Burnham the centre of everything are a bit obnoxious (I mean really Michael Burnham was a time-travelling Red Angel?! And then she wasn! This was all in one single episode!)
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