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Music this video is an introduction and how to create an installation package for your Excel database let me show you the excel file that I have just created for the demonstration of this tutorial this is actually a simple database and I name this database as a phone book the phone book user form has a full name mobile number telephone number and a portion where you can search the names that you have just added in your database and making database we should consider a couple of things we can say that it is a database if we can add a data we can edit the data that has been added we can delete the data and we can view or search the data or create a query from the data that we have just add in our database let's close this file and then let's try to install the database that we have created so this is the installation package if I will just double click this file and then B yes like yes and so hit finish then this is what it looks like the workbook is no longer visible but instead the user form itself just pop out immediately interpret that it is already installed in our system if I close this user form and then let's click the properties and open file location' so the program has been installed in C program data and phone book let's close this one and let's try to open again the file and then let's try to add a new name example one the Kruse and then in the mobile number let's try to add one to an invented number and let's click Add let's check if it's been saved so here it is and let's try to close this file because we know that it has been saved if we uninstall this program what do you think would happen if the installation package was not created properly then the data that we have just add in our database will be removed also example I'll install this file of course we need to install again the program but take note this is a database if the data will be removed along with the installation Paris or the program then our effort will be useless so in creating a database and an in creating and installation package for our database we should consider different things to prove that the file the database was not remove in my system if I was install again this file and click Next and run the program if I try to type in the la you see that the file the database was not affected so if you're interested to know what to learn the technique on how to create this executable file for your Excel database then you should watch the next video because in that video I will show the codes and methods and how to create and installation.