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I'm not sure how legal this is so don't tell anyone. So in freshman or sophomore year of high school (year 9 or 1) I got banned from using theputer lab for doing this. But I learned some valuable lessons. Lesson 1 Most people know that on Windows if you press the Shift key 5 times theputer emits an ear-bleeding screech then displays the following window This window is Sticky Keys an accessibility feature that lets you press and release keys like Ctrl Alt Shift instead of holding them down to make inputting keybos easier. What happens when you press Shift 5 times is Windows will try to find an executable file named in the System32 folder and run it. Remember that. Lesson 2 Another really useful feature on Windows machines is they have a recovery mode you can enter before theputer boots up all the way. Usually you have to either hold down F2 press enter 1 times do a backflip to the right now y'all one hop this time and it will enter recovery mode. This is mainly for trying to restore Windows to a previous version or recovering information if theputer breaks. Remember that too. Lesson 3 When you use Windows even if you don't have to enter a password you are signed in as a user. Each user has specific access rights and privileges. For example Administrators usually have more access to system files and settings than regular users do. Ok so here's where I got in trouble. I'de into theputer lab during lunch to dink around play flash games etc. because I didn't have aputer at home. Eventually I got my hands on a flash drive that I downloaded games like Goat Simulator and Gmod and the like during lunch breaks. The problem was I was a student and the student accounts on theputers were not able to run programs directly off of removable media. So in order to play my games I'd have to copy the files over to theputer and run them from there. The other problem was the schoolputers had Deep Freeze installed on them so I'd have to copy them back if I wanted to save my progress. That copying took way too long. So I thought I'd be able to play for longer if I didn't have to copy and paste the games back and forth every day. italic But Deep Freeze will revert any changes made to specified drives on theputer whenever they're rebooted which happened automatically every night. So I could either disable the automatic rebooting and risk some dumb kid turning myputer off accidentally or I could disable Deep Freeze. *cracks knuckles* I tried deleting the program files for it but it wouldn't let me. I did some research and this is where I learned Lesson 3. So I made myself the owner of the Deep Freeze folders then deleted them. Nice. Except when I went back to school the next day it was back. This is where I learned Lesson 2. It was a bit more difficult on the schoolputers but I was able to get theputer I was on into recovery mode. Since the user that accesses system files in recovery mode is technically theputer itself it had permission to make any changes it wants. I tried deleting Deep Freeze from here hoping it wouldn't be reinstalled the next day. Sadly it was. Now I did note to this next conclusion on my own (I think I followed some long-lost YouTube tutorial). But I did figure out how to implement it in this specific situation. When theputer is in recovery mode since it's mostly there in case of emergency most Windows features are stripped away (like the basic file explorer) and you're basically left with nothing but amand line. But amand line is a very powerful tool if you know themands. Since I didn't have a file explorer and trying to open one just opened anothermand line I opened notepad. Then I pressed File then hit Open. Boom. File explorer. But what good is a file explorer you ask? To which I reply don't you remember Lesson 1? italic With theputer under the assumption that I was trying to open a file I navigated to the System32 folder and located and renamed it to something else (I think it was or something). Then I found themand line exe (). Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. I now had and cmd (2).exe. I renamed cmd (2).exe to . Now we're cooking with grease. I rebooted theputer and since Deep Freeze didn't see anything wrong nothing was reverted. On the login screen for theputer before I was even logged in I press Shift 5 times and amand linees up. Success! Using thatmand line I made myself a full admin and gave myself full rights to everything. Then I deleted Deep Freeze. Next day it's back on. I came to find out that there was a program running on a network drive that would reinstall Deep Freeze if it was uninstalled. I didn't even have permission to give myself permission to edit those files so it seemed like I was stuck. I was an admin on thisputer but I didn't have the login for the network drive. Then it hit me theputer has to be connected to the network drive in order for the network drive to make any changes. I couldn't disconnect the drive from theputer but what if I disconnected theputer from the drive? italic I still didn't have the login for the drive so what I did is (and keep in mind I've been doing all this in chunks of 45 minute lunch breaks) I downloaded a full clean .iso of Windows burned it to my flash drive (which meant I had to delete all my games rip. But it's for the greater good) and booted theputer from the flash drive instead of the hard drive. I reinstalled Windows on the hard drive and voila! The teacher came out and I was instantly banned from theputer lab. Lesson 4 don't get caught P Edit obligatory wow that's a lot of upvotes and views So a lot of thements suggest I should've just installed my own OS on the flash drive and they're right. I just didn't think of doing that. The problem I was trying to solve at that point had changed from how do I play games on the schoolputer to how do I delete Deep Freeze.
The answer depends on the dataand the question did not provide that tidbit. Copy and paste directly. If the data has vanilla formatting this method works well. If not try one of the others. Use a web query. This method works well when the data on the website is displayed on the website using an HTML table. Click the web menu item On the resulting dialog go to the Web View tab Choose Load to... in the bottom left dropdown button You also have options to transform the data as part of the input in step 5 below. Transform Data allows you to choose which rows or columns you want to delete from the import parse the data pivot or unpivot the data etc. You can even merge data from the table being imported with other data already present in the workbook. Use Word as an intermediary. As much as it pains me to say it Word is smarter about importing tabular data from PDF files and from the web than Excel. Word 213 and later can open PDF files directly and may even take advantage of the OCR capability installed with many versions of Office 213 and later. Copy the data from the website Paste it in a Word document Copy the table from Word then paste it in Excel ordered-list Thomas Moser user 3749631 likes to call this last technique Wordwashing. The name fits and definitely makes the technique more memorable for me.
An Excel file or workbook typically contains one or more sheets (3 by default when a new workbook is created). A sheet can print onto one or more pages but all pages resulting from a particular sheet will have the same layout settings (margins orientation etc.). Each sheet can have its own layout settings. Depending on your document you may want to create two (or more if necessary) sheets within your workbook and change the layout or other properties of each sheet based on how you need them to appear. You can set the orientation of the first sheet to landscape and any subsequent sheets to portrait. Finally you can print the entire workbook or just selected sheets. If you save the document in PDF format it will appear in the same format and same order as the same printed pages would.
Q What are tools that you can't do without as a writer? A In my particular case Word Powerpoint Excel pen and notebook headphones and Spotify and coffee. Much of the material delivered to mees in Excel and Powerpoint format and the industry standard for my deliveries is Word. Don even think of open document format RTF or anything like that if it isn in Word the customer can read it. PDF is plausible in some exceptions but my customers must be able to edit the product. I take notes in meetings with the customer on pen and paper. I bring my laptop but very rarely open it. The customers seem to like the old-fashioned note-taking in a notebook by an attentive writer who doodles and makes suggestions on paper in front of their eyes. Whiteboards are also useful for this but a bit too fleeting. Since I sit in an open office landscape I have to use headphones to be able to work. The playlist in Spotify has a lot of music which either has no lyrics (classical music soundtracks) or has lyrics in a language I can understand (German 192s schlager j-pop k-pop j-metal really growling death metal opera as long as it is not in English or Swedish). I don think the customer would appreciate a never gonna give you up in the middle of their script. And finally coffee 3 it a magic liq that transforms the customers unorganised thoughts into scripts. horizontal-rule Occasionally I work with other tools as well including Google Docs Final Draft Scrivener Scapple mind-mapping software Articulate Storyline Articulate Rise and so on depending on what the customer wants and expects.
Any math focused career that does not explicitly require programming features many many such tasks. My field is mechanical engineering and I see it every day. The nature of the work means there are a lot of numbers involved but the education we get usually does not strongly integrate programming (besides using MATLAB as a glorified calculator though it can do much more). I've seen things you people wouldn't believe hand-selecting hundreds of values in Excel based on criteria related to our analysis methods when said criteria are explicit enough that they could be coded into a macro. Data that is value copied from spreadsheet to spreadsheet to spreadsheet because references would just break when rows are added (which happens often); when the constituent data is modified those changes must be manually propagated through the child spreadsheets. We could just use a real database even Access and fetch the values from there. Printing Excel tables onto pages with corporate headers made in Word by printing the headers first and refeeding the paper into the printer to print the Excel second (the Excel tables can't just be pasted into the Word doc because it's in landscape orientation and all the formatting gets horribly mangled). We could just make PDF's of the Excel tables and of the headers andbine them through some software with proper page numbers and the tables resized to fit inside the borders. Through all of these manual processes there are mistakes. We spend many hours checking and correcting these and with any revision to our designs we have another iteration of analysis that introduces new errors that must be checked and corrected.
Tableau is the most strong safe and flexible end-to-end analytical platform for your information from connection via cooperation. It also Enhances data power for people. Tableau is the only business intelligence platform designed for the individual but scaled for business that turns information into an insight which drives action. Tableau's main task is connecting and extracting the stored information in different locations. It can collect information from any platform. Tableau can obtain information from any Excel PDF Oracle or Amazon Web Services database. The extracted data may be connected directly with the Tableau Desktop One of the Tableau product. It can be connected to different other products of Tableau as shown in the this helps.