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Is Apple’s Pages a worthy equivalent to Microsoft Word?
I realize this is a very subjective response and I know quite a few Apple users who really like Pages and wouldn install Word on their Mac even for free. But for my needs Pages is not anywhere near an equivalent to Word. As an Apple user for almost 3 years and a huge fan of ClarisWorks back in the 9s I tried Pages and really wanted to like it but I find it and the rest of the iWork suite (Keynote and Numbers) just doesn measure up. For my needs today I find Word to be a far more robust word processing tool and it what I use for work related tasks but for home and personal tasks I prefer LibreOffice which I find to be a far more worthy equivalent to the M$ Office suite. That said if you like Pages and it gets the job done for you enjoy it. Just don forget to use the Exportmand to save your work in Word or PDF format when you share it with the rest of the world.
What is the best LSI keyword research tool?
What Are LSI Keywords And Why You Need Them Before looking further into free LSI tools you might still be confused about what LSI keywords are. If you are already a pro at SEO and are just here for the tools you can skip this part. However if not here we go. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing and simply speaking LSI keywords are just related keywords. That includes not only synonyms of your topic but also other words that would often occur when writing about that topic. For example when your blog post is about Apple search engines use LSI keywords to identify whether that post is about the fruit or the brand. Accordingly with the use of LSI keywords you help search engines to better understand your content which will increase your content relevance for a specific topic and thus increases its ranking. If you want to know more read about how to use LSI keywords s ! Free LSI Tools Now that we got the basic information out of the way let not wait any longer but take a look at free LSI tools. These tools are in no particular order. If you are looking for a specific tool you can refer to this table of contents. 1. Keys4up Keys4up is a very simple LSI keyword generator that provides you with around 1 LSI keywords per search query. If you want to have access to the full keyword list you have to register with your mail address. After some more search queries however the webpage wants you to share this tool on your social media to further receive the full keyword list which is quite inconvenient. It is possible to export either the full keywords provided or a selection of those as a CSV file. Further the tool gives you the option to display LSI keywords containing either 1 2 or more than 3 words. This makes it easy if you are specifically looking for short- or long tail keywords. A special feature of this tool is the 4Up index which represents an indication of how often you should include that LSI keyword in your content. Of course the number of how often you include a keyword in your content should also strongly depend on its length. However especially for beginners this is a helpful feature. Additionally this LSI keyword tool has its keywords organized in a visually pleasing manner. So if you are looking for a simple LSI keyword tool to boost your content Keys4up might be the right tool for your LSI keyword research. Usability Very easyn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords Unlimited after sign-upn Special feature 4Up indexn Biggest drawback Even after sign-up additional actions are needed for continuous free usage 2. Twinword Ideas LSI Graph s Twinword Ideas LSI Graph is another interesting tool. Instead of a list it visualizes the semantic relationships between keywords. You get an unlimited amount of search queries without any limit on generated LSI keywords. Compared to all the other free LSI tools Twinword Idea's LSI Graph generates unique LSI keywords that are able to increase the relatedness of your content with your topic. Read more about how to use this LSI Graph to improve your content's relevance. s Additional to the LSI Graph you can also check out trending related keywords including information such as search volume organicpetition paidpetition and relevance. All of that information can be either visualized in a graph or downloaded as an Excel CSV or Open Document file. Next to that Twinword Ideas can also generate keyword suggestions for your topic and lets you filter those by user intents such as know do and buy. Overall Twinword Ideas and its LSI Graph can not only find the right LSI keywords for your content but can also assist your future content creation with its additional tools. Usability Easyn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords Unlimitedn Special feature Visual LSI Graphn Biggest drawback LSI keywords can be exported 3. LSI Graph s This LSI Graph is a simple yetmonly used free LSI keyword tool. Without signup you only get a few searches a day including around 5 LSI keywords each. Even after signup that daily search query limit increases only to around 2 search queries. Further this tool generates many long-tail keywords meaning that a keyword usually contains at least three words as well as questions and sentences that could be used as title inspiration. In the screenshot below you can see that with avocado as the main keyword LSI Graph would suggest to include keywords like avocado health benefits and growing avocados. Those suggestions could be used as the main topic of my blog post. Therefore this tool can be useful in the beginning stages of your content creation. However considering the limited number of search queries you have to be sure of which keywords you want to analyze. Unfortunately LSI Graph does not give the option to export either the full generated list or a selection of the list. However the LSI keyword list can easily be copied and pasted into other documents. As the tool is called LSI Graph one might have expected some visual presentation of the generated list. But that is not the case. The tool does not have any special features and does not provide any additional information but is very easy to use and does not require any specific skills or knowledge about SEO. Usability Very easyn No. of search queries Around 2 per dayn No of keywords Around 5n Special feature -n Biggest drawback Limited search queries 4. Niche Laboratory This free LSI keyword generator crates not only LSI keywords but provides you with a lot more information about your searched keyword. Such as a list of top webpages article ideas long-tail keywords resources related niches a briefpetition analysis and more. Hence Niche Laboratory can be useful in the exploration stage of content creation. The tool gives you more than 15 LSI keywords per search query and even more can be unlocked by registering or by downloading the Pro version. Unfortunately the list can be sorted and exported but it can easily be copied and pasted into another file. Although this tool displays unique information a lot of it might not be useful for you. Also the LSI keyword list itself does not deliver any additional information despite being ranked by relevance. Overall this tool is probably more helpful in the beginning stages of your content creation as opposed to simply searching for LSI keywords after the full content has already been created. Usability Easyn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords 15+n Special feature Unique informationn Biggest drawback Not every information is useful 5. Twinword SEO Plugin s A very helpful WordPress plugin for your LSI keyword research is the Twinword SEO plugin. This plugin automatically suggests LSI keywords related to your post while you are writing. It also provides each keyword monthly search volume number of results and KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index). With this information it is easy to choose which words to include. The free version of this plugin supports 2 search queries per day. The plugin has an Auto Keyword Suggestions option as well as a Manual Keyword Suggestions option. With Auto Twinword SEO plugin scans what you have written so far and suggests other related keywords you can use. With Manual you can in keywords yourself and get related keywords and phrases. Due to the keyword usage tracking you can automatically see which LSI keywords you already included in your post which gives you a great overview. Usability Very easyn No. of search queries Free plan includes 5 per dayn No of keywords Unlimitedn Special feature Generates keywords while you are writingn Biggest drawback Limited search queries 6. Semantic Link Semantic Link is another simplistic free LSI keyword generator. Different from other LSI tools Semantic Link analyzes from the English Wikipedia to find pairs of words that are semantically related. It does so by using a statistical measure that is called MI short for mutual information. Using this method the LSI keyword generator provides you with the top 1 related keywords for each query. A big disadvantage however is that the tool only analyzes keywords with at least 1 occurrences in Wikipedia. That results in this tool not being useful for numerous keywords. For example the previously used search term avocado does not work with Semantic Link. Another drawback is that the generated LSI keywords can be exported into a different file and are difficult to copy due to each keyword being a clickable button. All of this makes the usage of Semantic Link inconvenient despite its simplicity. Accordingly although Semantic Link might be an easy tool for occasional usage on popular topics it certainly is not the best fit for discovering new topics. Usability Very easyn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords Top 1n Special feature -n Biggest drawback Only keywords with at least 1 occurrences in Wikipedia can be analyzed 7. LSI Keywords s LSI Keywords is a simple LSI keyword and long-tail keyword tool that differentiates itself from other free LSI tools with additional features and information. For each search query the LSI keyword generator displays up to 5 Keywords and further provides the monthly volume CPC andpetition information for each generated keyword. Interesting about this tool is that you can not only analyze one keyword but 1 keywords at a time. This means that you could put all your main keywords into this tool at the same time to generate a more precise LSI keyword list for your content. The full generated keyword list can be exported into an excel CSV or PDF file. But unfortunately the tool does not have the option to export only a selected number of keywords. However with the help of the search function you can export a list of keywords containing a specific word. Another helpful option is the country filter which enables you to choose between either all countries or one of the following countries US Australia Canada India New Zealand South Africa UK. You can also choose whether you want to generate a list of only LSI keywords long-tail keywords or both. While using the tool however I noticed that if you decide to search only for LSI keywords the tool sometimes does not provide any LSI keywords even for easy search terms such asputer. Inbination with long-tail keywords it seems to be no problem but that is certainly an issue to consider especially if you are a frequent user. Usability Easyn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords Up to 5n Special feature Can analyze up to 1 keywords togethern Biggest drawback LSI search does not work for every word 8. Ultimate Keyword Hunter The Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a unique free LSI keyword generator that you need to download and install before usage. Unfortunately it is only available for Windowsputers. This tool certainly is more difficult to use than most other free LSI tools and requires a few steps before you get to your LSI keyword list. But a tutorial is provided on their webpage. With the LSI tool being moreplicated than others it alsoes with special features that can be helpful for your content creation. Basically the tool analyses the up to 5 first websites thate up on google for the chosen keyword. Based on that it generates your LSI keyword list. You can set how many pages you want the tool to analyze from 1 to 5 and you can also select the maximum words each generated LSI keyword is supposed to contain with up to 1 words. Following the tool presents you the pages it is about to analyze where again you can filter out specific sites that you don want to analyze. After the analysis has beenpleted the keywords have been separated according to their length. Further you receive the information about how often each keyword was found on all the analyzed pages and on how many pages it occurred. With this featurees the option to sort your keywords accordingly. Additionally you can filter for specific that the keyword should contain and the keyword list can be exported into a CSV file. Lastly this LSI tool lets you directly analyze your written with the generated keywords and indicates which LSI keywords have not been used so far. All in all Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a great all-rounder with many added features that can be handy if you are a frequent and slightly more advanced user. Usability OKn No. of search queries Unlimitedn No of keywords Unlimitedn Special feature Direct analysisn Biggest drawback Not available for Mac and needs to be installed 9. Answer The Public s You might have heard already about Answer The Public as a keyword suggestion tool but in fact it can also function as an LSI keyword generator as it gives you related words for each search query. In total this tool generates questions keywords containing prepositionsparisons an alphabetical keyword list and last but not least related keywords. All of these can be either displayed visually or in list format and the keywords can be downloaded as a CSV file while s 3 247 All in all KWFinder is another all-rounder that can help you with your overall content creation as well as with your LSI keyword research. The only drawback is the free daily limit of search queries with the limited number of generated keywords. So if you are a frequent user of this tool you might consider upgrading to one of the paid accounts to make full use of this tool potential. Usability Easyn No. of search queries A few per dayn No of keywords Around 5n Special feature Keyword difficulty and level ofpetition in PPCn Biggest drawback Only 5 daily search queries with limited amount of keywords Findingsn nSince you made it to the end of the list you might already know which of the tools is right for you. But if not let me give you a brief recap. In general it is important to consider how often you will use the tool and what you are going to use it for. The following tablepares all free LSI tools. Which Tool Should I Use? If you just want a very quick and easy list of a few LSI keywords to include into the blog post you have already written you might want to try out Keys4up or Twinword Ideas LSI Graph s . If you are still within the early stages of your content creation LSI tools that provide not only LSI keywords but give you access to more information as well as keyword and topic suggestions can be helpful for you. In that case check out Twinword Ideas s or Answer The Public s . If you are looking for a tool that assists you with LSI keywords while you are writing you will probably like the Twinword SEO Plugin s . And lastly if you are a frequent user and want a more advanced tool check out the Ultimate Keyword Hunter or consider upgrading your KWFinder s account. Overall any of these LSI tools can be a great addition to your SEO journey if it fits your needs. I hope this blog post was helpful to find the right free LSI tool for you. Good luck with your LSI keyword research! This post was taken from Twinword article on italic 11 Free LSI Tools To Increase Your Ranking s
What is Corel Ventura?
Corel Ventura 1 is a desktop publishing tool that answers any requirements of publishing industry. If you need powerful publishing tools and high quality professional results this excellent software will offer it. Corel Ventura has high productivity and it is easy to use. It has exceptional Internet integration and wide opportunities that save your time and money. The package of Corel Ventura 1 also includes Corel Photo-Paint 1 Corel WordPerfect 1 Corel DataBase Publisher Corel Capture Corel Script Editor Novell Enjoy Reader. Corel has aimed this new version of Ventura at organizations interested in making XML their main format for content creation. XML import and export features are the most important new additions to Ventura 1. However there also a range of other general changes that make the product faster and improve productivity. Using Corel Ventura you can work with large documents. There are also tools for spell-checking grammar-checking division of words. Table tags also added in this version enable you to format multiple tables simultaneously by creating a single style tag. Corel has also added a new PDF conversion tool to the product which maintains formatting and styles without the need for a separate tool such as Adobe Distiller. There also an impressive range of filters for importing graphic files and support for 31 different languages. Easy to use and high productivity. XML import and export features. Wide range of editing tools. Up to 31 language support.
How can I "paste as plain text" across all platforms? Control + Shift + V works in some applications, but not all.
You can use NotePad as an intermediary place to paste your content. Some programs do not support the usual Copy-Paste keyboard shortcuts or operations. Usually in those case they are provided via their menus. If these options fail then you can consider using more appropriate Export and Importing operations. For example if you have a PDF file and you want to copy a table from it and paste it into a Word File and the normal copy-past operations are not working then you could try to use PowerBi to extract the table from the PDF file. You would then download the table to Excel and then copy it to Excel using the normal methods.
How do you convert many PDFs into Excel files (e.g. 100+ PDFs at once)?
I won go so far as to say it is the best method but one of the options is using a feature in Acrobat Pro called Action Wizard s to process a list of files or a specific folder with all its contents. The Action Wizard does not provide an explicit Excel exportmand but it has a Go to italic section that allows selecting the PDF Export italic group of features. If you can tolerate an extra click you can always write a JavaScript to automate things in Acrobat and include it in the Action Wizard as a More Tools Execute JavaScript italic step However I would not rmend to approach this as a batch procedure. Cjnverting out of PDF into editable format is a process with too many variables to handle in a bullet-proof fashion see a previous answer to Is it generally accepted that in converting a PDF to a Word document there will be huge amounts of data loss (e.g. pics in disarray changed fonts and formatting etc.)? answer aid 9651785 Everything mentioned to converting to Word applies to converting to Excel with addedplexity to boot. Especially if the origin is a scan so table information in your PDFs is represented by pixel data. Tables are often for numbers you don want those recognized or transformed incorrectly but that will inevitably occur once in a while. So sensitive conversions like these are best handled one at a time with a careful inspection of results.