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Rdf Converter: What You Should Know

EZ2RDF — Jena The ez2rdf generator/validator supports RDF/OWL, Microdata, Microdata JSON LD, and N3, as well as many other standards and  Simple to use online RDF validation and converter. Also, can be used to generate and validate an RDF graph, and generate  a schema for a database of RDF. Easy for developers and analysts. Web RDF Validator — Toggle This browser-based web application is a validation tool that validates RDF documents. The output is a simple XML formatted file (XML Schema)  Schema Generator — Simple The schema generation tool is a command-line application that generates RDF graphs  and schema definitions from RDF documents. It's written in Java for speed and is freely available, both  for free and for commercial purposes. JSON Converters RDF Schema Formatter — Simple — Version 0.1.0 This Schema Formatter converts RDF into JSON formatted string. It contains only one class: Simple JSON Schema Formatter, Version 0.1.0 (0.0.1 version 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 versions used to run on Path) Simple JSON (XML) Schema Formatter — Version 0.1.2 This schema converter will convert RDF to JSON. It doesn't include a parser. Furthermore, it can convert RDF with one line of code into JSON. JavaScript Schema To RDF Translator — Simple This converter is a simple tool which generates an XML-Schema for the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) language. It allows a user to see a very  simple JSON schema of an RDF document. The generated schema is XML-Schema compatible and can be used in a  schema builder, like JSON Schema Builder. Joda-Schema to RDF — Simple, Fast, Easy This Java library allows converting RDF to JSON. It works in a batch mode for batch processing, and allows a user to write  a simple JSON schema for a Joda-Object/Java object. RDF To RDF — Simple In this converter to RDF the RDF model is expressed in Java. Its output is a formatted XML description of an RDF model.

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What is the best tool or any way to convert RDF data into RDB data?
I cannot say it is the best tool and generally I would rmend a custom script in XSLT or your favorite programming language. But that said did you try this michaelbrunnbauer s
How do I convert csv to RDF?
Here an extract from ConverterToRdf - W3C Wiki s CSV (Comma-Separated Values) See also Flat Files s#Flat_files and TSV s#TSV An RDF Extension is available for Google Refine . It can convert Excel CSV and other tabular data to RDF. The schema mapping can be defined in a graphical UI. RDF123 has Windows and Linux applications to download a Java application and servlet. XLWrap wraps spreadsheets (including cross tables) to arbitrary RDF graphs; supports Excel streamed processing local loading expressions similar to Excel Calc custom functions usage via API or SPARQL endpoint csv2rdf4lod uses declarative RDF enhancement parameters to specify how to transform tabular data into well-structured well-connected RDF. The tool uses identifiers for source italic organization dataset italic and version italic to establish default namespaces for all URIs created and provides VoID and provenance metadata as part of the conversion output. Tarql is amand-line application that converts CSV to RDF with a user-defined mapping. The mapping is written in standard SPARQL 1.1.
What 19s the best tool to use to convert non-RDF data to RDF?
You can take a look at the Virtuoso Sponger Middleware that includes RDF Transformation Cartridges (Drivers) for more than 75 different data formats and APIs. 1 URIBurner Live Instance of the Virtuoso Sponger Middleware Service which you also get as part of your Virtuoso installation.
What are some recommendations on a tool for converting RDBMS (Oracle or MySQL) databases to RDF and OWL?
check out the group at the World Wide Web Consortium topic tid 36546 working on the RDB2RDF 1 standard. There are already tools supporting the R2R mappiing language for example Spyder 2. The RDB2RDF WG wiki should also contain an overview of existing tools for RDF-izing relational data (for example D2R 3 and Triplify 4) 1
How do I convert unstructured data into RDF format?
Just trying to point the way and provide basic con with a survey of basic techniques in this answer. RDF stores are triple or quad stores. Both s store data as machine-readable graphs that include subjects predicates and objects. Quad stores as I understand them include the time dimension.n Subjects are entities nodes in the graphs. Predicates (the verbs) are relationships between the entities. the edges of the graphs. s are also entities. The time dimension consists of timestamps of instance data. If you're designing your own data collection process and generating your own data you'd have the luxury of disambiguating the entities during the process of tagging and RDFing the instance data as it's generated including unambiguous timestamping for data streams. But with datasets that others have generated you'repelled to work with what you have and use a blend of probabilistic methods (machine-generated guesswork) and (to the extent you have the time and resources) human disambiguation to add useful structure to the data. Maybe you leverage crowdsourced disambiguation methods such as DBpedia derived from Wikipedia or Wikidata depending on your data. It's an imperfect situation and the goals and objectives you're setting for your data should factor that imperfection in. Entity and relationship extraction services do exist and have improved over the years but they're hardly magic bullets. here's a sample extraction of a Wikipedia bio of Shakespeare I just generated nSource The Bluemix IBM Watson developer site IBM Watson Developer Cloud Find the entities 215 For data in batches conversion would consist of the followingn Extract the entities What is the best entity extraction API + service? question qid 238493 +-service Transforming the tagged data into RDF via a framework such as Silk GraphDB or similar The Linked Data Integration Framework GraphDB FAQ - GraphDB6 - Onto Wiki +FAQ ordered-list Stream processing of timestamped data requires a different and even less mature approach See RDF Stream Model s Libraries such as in Python exist for helping with the conversion too Connecting Python's RDFLib and Stardog s These might help cut to the chase. People much deeper than I am in the technology will have developed a more detailed and streamlined methodology for their purposes. I would follow people such as Daniel Koller user 1162136 on Quora or Twitter who are doing these sorts of things Resource Description Framework What is the best practice for versioning RDF information? question qid 99616 Other RDF-related answers on Quora will help you surface relevant vendors and SMEs to follow for example What is the best way to store and query with RDF OWL datasets having 1 Billion plus triples? question qid 2443669 Keep in mind that some cognitiveputing platforms specialize in ingesting less structured data and doing the transformations alluded to above with their own proprietary methods that may or may not include some variant of RDF or an equivalent. See Say Hello to IBM Watson n Digital Reasoning Other analytics platforms that ingest unstructured data may include non-RDF graph analytics such as Business Intelligence Reporting Tool | Q . These on their own can be provide a quick and flexible method of discovery. Here's why the RDFing process associated with the traditional semantic web is not sufficient for cognitiveputing The Real Trouble With Cognitive Computing However the semantic web continues to evolve. For more nascent adaptive approaches to semantic data modeling and intelligent system development generally Mike Bergman's posts are well worth reading AI3Adaptive Information Keep in mind that everyone working in this area will have a bias that reflects their focus and preferences.
How do I convert an XML CSV file to an RDF RML format using Java?
Apache has a tool called Jena which can generate RDF files and Ontologies. Try that. It should work.
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