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How can I download financial statements in Microsoft Excel?
I am sorry but this is a classic it depends response as the question is a little broad. For a start do you mean How do I download financial statements that are already in Excel? Or even How do I build financial statements in Excel? ordered-list Im what known as an Excel MVP (an honour bestowed by Microsoft) which supposedly means I have a vague idea of what I am doing in Excel lol. Im also an accountant (at this point youve probably stopped reading!). I mention this not to try and boast but to ex I have to do all three s of work regularly. If financial statements are already in Excel it often a good idea to have them on a separate worksheet with no other calculations on the same sheet. Then once saved either follow file import instructions in the other software or else in Excel go to File - Export and then select either Create PDF XPS Document or Change File Type depending upon what will work in the new software. If the aim is to download the files into Excel I know others have mentioned using macros and URLs and goodness knows what else but this is impractical these days with many workbooks save purely as .xlsx or on Mac Books Excel for the Web SharePoint which may mean macros won work. Indeed even if they do there can bepatibility issues between 32-bit and 64-bit applications. To summarise blah blah blah blah macros are not the future. You could try Office Scripts in the future but presently this is limited to certain scenarios online. A better way is to use Power Query - also known as Get & Transform. It built into modern Excel and is on the Data tab of the Ribbon. The first button on the Ribbon is Get Data and yo have a myriad of connectors and connection wizards to help you pull your data in. Once you have made this connection remember Power Query is what we call an ETL tool (Extract Transform and Load) which means you can then clean data up remove things you don want transpose pivot etc. It uses M code rather than VBA which is a lot more flexible in this day and age and can automate the entire task so you don have to manually get your data each time new financial statements are released. If you are seeking to build financial statements I suggest learning how to best set out your model what order to build in and why. Youll find a myriad of courses and books with 1 million opinions on how to do it and quite frankly I don really rmend any of them. Too many are specifically aimed at an accounting approach or are too prescriptive or try to get you to use proprietary software when it unnecessary. Just remember CRaFT Consistency Robustness Flexibility and Transparency. These four Best Practices are pretty muchmon to all approaches out there and allowmon sense to be used! Our website has lots of stuff on Power Query and Financial Modelling FOR FREE (look at Thought Blog and News in particular) with a monthly newsletter providing news updates and other tips and tricks. We don try and sell or spam you are wee to join our littlemunity. Yes we have courses and books (I wrote the latter purely because I was dissatisfied with what was out there clearly written by theoreticians rather than those who have modelled for many years) but that up to you if you require premium content. Good luck - and thanks for reading!