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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert sav file to excel online
Instructions and Help about convert sav file to excel online

Hi my name is Jeremy and I'm with collect ik ax in this video I will show how to open an SPSS or SAS I'll in Microsoft Excel if you don't already have the collect occur for Excel add-in installed you can download and install it from Calexico calm when the add-in is installed ecclectic a tab is available on the ribbon to open an SPSS file just click the from SPSS button then select the SAV file that you want to open and collect akka for Excel will have the data to your worksheet the Edden also imports all the metadata that's stored in the SPSS file you can see this in the data documentation pane when you select a column the longer variable label is available in addition to just the column header you can also use that data documentation pane to add richer metadata if you like to each variable and to the dataset itself for variables with label values you can click the code list to show what those values represent to sum up you can use the collect ago for Excel add-in to open and view SPSS data files in Excel thank you.