converting an excel file with multiple worksheets to individual pdf files

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing converting an excel file with multiple worksheets to individual pdf files
Instructions and Help about converting an excel file with multiple worksheets to individual pdf files

Music hello friends welcome back my name is Pietro Kumar in this video you will learn how to extract all the buck sheet from active Babu into PDF files so as you are seeing my screen I have this birth book wherein I have four different worksheets now if I want to accept these all bug shield into four different PDF files I have created a macro to do this you can see on home tab there is extra button which is export worksheet as PDF and I want to extract these worksheet in a folder which is available on desktop let me show you that folder this is the PDF file folder so this is currently blank I want to extract all the worksheet here as PDF so just click on this button then it will ask to select the path let's say I'm selecting this folder and click on ok the masses has come as done now I'll go to that folder you can see there are four different PDF files are available which means for each worksheet there is one file I will show you one file you can see this is the PDF file and the same data available here now I will tell you how can you do this using VBA let's go to the Developer tab and Visual Basic and then we will go to the personal dot XLS P and we will create our macro in personal workbook friends if personal dot XLS V is not visible in your VBA project list then you can simply go to the Developer tab or view then simply go to the record macro here stored macro in just left personal macro workbook don't select new work because this workbook just let the personal macro birth book and just click on OK then immediately you can click on stop recording now go to the visual basic in per tab then your personal dot XLS P will be visible now here this module 2 has been created and this is the macro we just have recorded this is a blank macro so let's say Here I am putting on this macro - to export all the voxi - PDF so first of all we will take a variable named folder path as string and then we will use here file dialog application dot file dialog and just put the break it and we will choose the option here file dialog folder picker we want to pick the folder path and just close this or we can use babe here use the end width so that multiple time we don't need to type this code so first of all we will change the title so we will use dot title equal to we will use here select the folder path then we will use a if condition if dot so equal to minus 1 that means it will display that dialog box and you have clicked.