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How To Save Multiple Excel Sheets As One PDF: What You Should Know

How to Save Multiple Excel Workbooks to One PDF File In a few steps, you can turn one Excel workbook into a single PDF file. First, open the worksheet you want to save as a PDF. Then, click the tab bar to select the appropriate worksheet's tab. On the Worksheet Details dialog,  How to Save Multiple Excel Tables as One PDF File In Excel 2010, 2010+, and 2016, you can add multiple tables and worksheets to a single worksheet's sheet through the  Worksheet tab bar. In Excel 2007, 2007+ and Excel 2010, click File > Open Excel in New Tab, then choose Worksheet from the Save as type. How to Add a Worksheet to Multiple Worksheets in Excel 2010, Excel 2010++ or Excel 2015, go to the Worksheet tab bar and select the cell or the worksheet to which you would like to add the new worksheet. Double-click the worksheet, then click the name of the worksheet you'd like to add the worksheet to. How to Convert a Workbook to a Worksheet in Excel Choose the Worksheet tab bar. Choose the Format menu item on the toolbar, then choose the worksheet to which the data should be converted (i.e., the one from which you will work). Click the Format tab, and then select the worksheet to which data should be inserted. In the next screenshot, we'll see different worksheets in this way. If we want to work with a new Excel worksheet in a new workbook, we first select the worksheet from the worksheet box in the Worksheet Details dialog box. Now we just add another worksheet. After selecting that workbook as a new workbook, we then select the old worksheet in the Worksheet Details dialog box and click the Format tab again. The results look like the following screenshot. By default, Excel will save the current cell contents of this worksheet in the new worksheet. If we would like to save the contents of this worksheet as a separate file rather than as a part of this new worksheet, we'd prefer to do so by opening this worksheet, selecting the worksheet's tab, and selecting the worksheet tab bar. In the tab bar, click the file extension drop down list, and choose .xlsx. After clicking Edit, the contents of this worksheet becomes a new file.

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